The low budget production VIDEO KINGS (starring Wotan Wilke-Möhring, Fabian Busch, Bela B, Till Schweiger, Badesalz, Peter Thorwart and Oliver Korittke) was a surprising success for the co-producers made up of HAHN FILM and MADHOUSE. 
Released on just 10 screens and completely without advertising, VIDEO KINGS reached an audience of 100,000. It was a huge internet hit with 250,000 downloads and taking the title of Number 1 in the illegal download charts for a number of weeks.

VIDEO KINGS is an alternative film with an authentic ‚kiez‘ or neighbourhood look described by Bela B as a Neukolln street romance. VIDEO KINGS takes an honest approach to its representation of life with its chain reactions of misunderstanding effortlessly detailed in clever and meaningful dialogue that makes for an outstanding comic feel.

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