„Sherazade – The Untold Stories“.

26 x 24 minutes,  adventure, fantasy, comedy
1001 Nights is often thought of as being too brutal, too sexy, too misogynistic, too macho and far too complex. Well, not if you tell the true stories which is exactly what HAHN FILM intends to do with the production of this CGI TV series. HAHN FILM exposes the truth about these wondrous fables through the real protagonist – Scheherazade and her genie of the lamp, Halil. Without this feisty woman, the adventures of Aladdin, Ali Baba or even Sinbad the famous sailor would have been just another long forgotten camp fire yarn.

Format: TV-Series, CGI Animation, First Season, 26 x 24 Minutes
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Target Group: 6 – 12 Years, Family Entertainment
Production Schedule: 2012 – 2016
Director: Gerhard Hahn, Jody Gannon, Steve Bristow, Andrew Kunzel
Producent: Hahn Film AG, Chocolate Liberation Front PTY LTD, Toonz Entertainment PTE LTD
Broadcaster: rbb – Runfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Channel Ten
Distributor: Telepool GmbH

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