Are you ready to make some history? Follow Tom and Lisa as they help Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven or Einstein protect their creations against a time-travelling thief.

They say with knowledge comes power. Now imagine, if you had a time machine. Can you see how far a basic textbook knowledge in mechanics could get you? Power, praise, wealth, an eternal place in mankind’s memory! Worshipped as a genius forever, your life story to be retold by future generations again and again… wait a minute. No, that is not our story. But it is how it begins. With RANDOLF (43), who is of course our bad guy and misguided by a highly condemnable (but totally understandable) taste for global fame.

Changing history, of course, is no laughing matter, with dire consequences for the present. And this is where our heroes come in. Since you need a time machine to set history straight, Randolf’s relatives TOM (13) and LISA (13) are stuck with the dangerous task to travel back in time and undo their uncle’s devious thievery. That’s what you get if you’re from a family of time travellers – very few surviving family members and a lot of responsibility. Their last name? Tom and Lisa Verne. Courageous Tom and his tekkie sister Lisa are helped only by their bumbling grandmother ELEONORE (67) to get mankind’s development back on track. Ageing hippie Eleonore makes up for her professorial absentmindedness with a detailed knowledge of history and – more to the point – the correct choice of disguise.

Launching themselves into an unknown environment (in highly questionable costumes), Tom and Lisa have to help the true originators recover their deserved praise and prize, sabotaging their vainglorious uncle Randolf, who of course does everything in his power to stop them.

Format: 2D-animated TV-Series, 26 x 22″
Genre: Adventure Dramedy
Target audience: 6-9 years (girls and boys, family entertainment)
Based on an idea by Tine Sicker and Sebastian Debertin

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