With a magical stone left to her by her parent’s, Mia has the chance to once more travel to Centopia, the wondrous land of elves and unicorns. On her arrival she discovers that the Dark Elf, Drakon, has stolen the golden-horned baby unicorn, Sya. Drakon takes Sya back to Dystopia with the intention of using her magical life blood to awaken Gulim – a creature of doom that would threaten the whole of Centopia as we know it. There is only one option and it is a life threatening one – Mia must save the unicorn to save the world. But she won’t be alone as brave Prince Mo, plucky Yuko and Sya’s brother Onchao join her on her heroic quest.

Format: Cinema Movie, CGI Animation
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Target Group: 6 – 10 Years, Family Entertainment
Production Schedule: 2014 – 2016
Concept: Gerhard Hahn
Director: tba
Produzent: Lucky Punch GmbH, Rainbow S.r.l., ZDF
Service-Produzent: Hahn Film AG
Broadcaster: ZDF, RAI
Distributor: m4e AG, Rainbow S.r.l.

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