“Finding Moo Friends” is a tale about friendship. It tells the story of a little creature called Moo and his best friend Sticky, a small branch that fell from a magic tree called Sleepy Tree where Moo lives and that has now also become Sticky’s home. They spend hours together exploring its surroundings,  where they find the frozen river where Mr. Blobby the Frog resides, the misty mountains reigned by the Red Lady and the crooked forest the home of Charming, the Prince. In the company of these wonderful creatures they have many adventures and exciting opportunities to explore these unknown environments and make new friends.  It is also a tale about courage when dealing with others who dream of becoming ghastly giants and, of course, about being loyal and true to your friends.
Format: TV Series, 26 x 11 min.
Status: in development
Co-production: Paperivene Animation Studio (Finland) and Hahn Film AG
Created by Marcos Correa


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